Kingfisher School


Head Teacher: Mr Jay Hart


Supporting Mental Health and Well-being at Kingfisher School

Kingfisher School is committed to supporting children and young people to flourish, thrive and achieve. Mental Health affects all aspects of a child’s development including their cognitive abilities and their emotional wellbeing. Childhood and teenage years are when mental health is developed and patterns are set for the future. For most children the opportunities for learning and personal development during adolescence are exciting and challenging and an intrinsic part of their school experience. However, they can also give rise to anxiety and stress. Children may also suffer anxiety or stress owing to circumstances outside school.


As stated in the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, Kingfisher School is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for pupils and promoting a climate where pupils will feel confident about sharing any concerns they may have.


To enable this the school has:


  • Developed their understanding and awareness of mental health issues so as to facilitate early intervention of mental health problems

  • Alerted staff to mental health warning signs and risk factors

  • Provided support and guidance to all staff, including non-teaching staff and governors, with dealing with students who suffer from mental health issues

  • Provided support to students who suffer from mental health issues, their peers and parents/guardians.