Kingfisher School


Head Teacher: Mr Jay Hart


On behalf of all the young people and staff, I’d like to welcome you to Kingfisher Primary School.


We are a school that likes to celebrate success at every level. The life of the school is driven by enthusiastic staff that promote a desire to achieve through exciting and stimulating lessons. We deliver a thematic curriculum that encompasses a variety of lessons through engaging topics. We regularly access a number of visits to bring our learning alive. Young people will have the opportunity to enjoy a day in the life of a forensic team to solve a crime here at the school, a visit from a T Rex and even a day in a Police Station.


Through a thematic curriculum we aim to develop:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Regulation

  • Intrinsic motivation

  • Empathy

  • Good social communication skills

  • Independence

  • A positive mental attitude, self-esteem and confidence


Staff share the preparation of work, drawing on different experiences, knowledge and expertise to ensure work is relevant and well matched to meet the needs of all our young people.  By utilising the strengths of our creative team this enables us to enhance the quality of learning and teaching here at Kingfisher.

Primary Team

Katie Smith

Primary crop